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Accuracy and other stat buffs/debuffs
9th August 2012, at 08:34:21 am
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Accuracy and other stat buffs/debuffs
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Error/Bug explanation: I haven't had the opportunity to test this with other stat debuffs but after being hit with smokescreen 5x in a row and having miserable accuracy I decided to switch pokemon to clear it. I switched from my Marshtomp (The opponent in question is Torkoal, Fire Gym) to my Snover, and back to Marshtomp expecting my accuracy to be reset back to normal as per the pokemon game norm. Unfortunately this wasn't the case and my accuracy was still gimped.

Normally all temporary stat buffs and debuffs will last as long as the active pokemon is on the field. Unless baton pass is used, these are supposed to reset when swapping out pokemon.

Snover's accuracy was not gimped so this is pokemon specific.
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