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After doing the quest to get dive where are the other quests located? Like to get kyroge and stuff. Plz tell.
Sandrine is @ 508
Arche is in Bluhill
The swimmer is below Iceshore
And the rest are in Iawana
Big Grin
I mean the ones for houndor and the 2 lengends.
Are those the first 3?
The order i did them was Walter, Sandrine, the swimmer, Archie, A couple quests in Iwaina, and Archie again. After each Archie quest you can catch a legendary
I need lickly and exploud :/
Lol! So many people do! Im in the process of training an exploud. I owe it to someone, but ill ask if i ca let you borrow it first?
That would be nice, I only need it for one second..
Yeah, I need exploud, too. I've been trying to see if someone would let me borrow it, but no luck yet. I have lickilicky, though! Smile
Lol, see if you can borrow it from Criwsky when hes done Smile
Can i borrow a Primeape, a Lickylicky and a Exploud?
Will pay Blastoise to borrow all 3.
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