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Full Version: READ: Beta 2.6 Expansion (Rayquaza) FAQ and help thread.
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[Image: rayquaza.gif]Beta 2.6 Expansion update FAQ and help thread.[Image: rayquaza.gif]

Are you after Groudon/Kyogre and Dive/Rock Climb instead? -> Visit the Beta 2.3 help thread!

With the new update, a number of features have been introduced to Omega. It is natural that questions arise as a result.

Due to the huge amount of threads produced over this issue, I've made this thread to keep our forums clean. Here I'll post some Frequently Asked Questions and will help you out with any question you have about the update.

1. Do NOT spoil the quests or events, you may give hints but not post walkthroughs, this is to keep the update interesting.
2. Respect each other, do not flame and do not spam. Spam also means posting the same question/query over and over.
3. If you've found a bug, you should post it in the Error/Bug Report Forum.


1. Q: What are the requirements to take part in this update?
A: - For the Cracking the Shell (Rock Smash) quest, a minimum of 15k (15000) TP is required.
- For the The Old Tale (Rayquaza) quest, a minimum of 30k (30000) TP is required.

2. Q: More legendaries came out?
A: Yes, you can now obtain a Rayquaza.

NOTE: You may encounter a shiny version, same encounter rates as regular shiny Pokémon apply here.

3. Q: Which quests were introduced?
A: You may use the questlist (Trainer Place ->Questlist) to find out: Cracking the Shell (15k req.) and The Old Tale (30k req.)

4. Q: Where do I start the quests?

- Cracking the Shell: Harry at the far western edge of Noordlake Forest, after completing ''Combee Concourse''.
- The Old Tale: Arch in his house in the north-eastern section of Bluehill City, after completing the ''Cracking the Shell'' quest.

5. Q: Where are the new maps?
A: Visit Noordlake Forest above Lakeside, to the western map and north, you will find a cave entrance.

6. Q: How do I get Rock Smash
A: Complete the ''Cracking the Shell'' quest.

7. Q: Where is the jade orb?
A: The location differs per player, but it is found in the deeper regions of Noordlake Cave, remember to smash any smashable rocks you encounter, as it may even be under one of those.

8. Q: How do I get to Sky Pillar?
A: The Sky Pillar is located in the deepest part of the Noordlake Cave, try exploring for a bit and keep an eye out for Rock Climb walls!

9. Q: Which new Pokémon have been introduced on the new maps?
A: Check the Pokédex for locations.

Cleffa (former event) - Most maps in the Noordlake Cave, the earliest being the second map.
Sableye (former swarm) - Deepest regions of Noordlake Cave, mainly the watery areas.
Swablu (former swarm)- Highest floor of the Sky pillar.
Rayquaza - One time encounter only, after completing the ''The Old Tale'' quest, at the top of the Sky Pillar (interact).

10. Q I need tips on catching Rayquaza, help?

- Rayquaza has rest, outrage, air slash and Ancient power, it is level 50.
- It has a meager catch rate of 3, the lowest in the game. Bring a lot of the best balls, preferably ultra balls, you can afford.
- Steel and rock types (such as metagross, aggron and such) are excellent Pokémon to defend against it, bring something that is not weak against flying, dragon or rock type. Refer to this chart(click) for help on type coverage.
- Bring a Pokémon that can induce paralysis or sleep (thunder wave, sleep powder, spore, hypnosis, graswhistle, sing etc.), as it makes Rayquaza easier to catch.
- You can attack Rayquaza, but remember that critical hits may occur and Rayquaza may damage itself in confusion occasionally after 2-3 outrages. You only have once chance. It is best to induce a status ailment and simply try to catch it.

Enjoy the update and post any questions you may have here!

[Image: 358ar9i.png]
nice thread goud!
=v= I always manage to wake up after an update, Ive been wanting to be one of the first to complete a new update, fffff. Smh
Wow! this really is helpful! thanx a lot for this Tongue
now, i know that i need 30k tp to get rayquaza Sad Tongue
Do we have time to do it or it's unlimitted (that will stay forever or it's just event)?
hmmm i found harry ... but i he won't move to another place. am i doing something wrong ?
(30th June 2012 at 08:13:22 pm)lovangel Wrote: [ -> ]Do we have time to do it or it's unlimitted (that will stay forever or it's just event)?

Loveangel@ It is unlimitted time, it will stay till you fight rayquanza but one time accounter only.

Tijgerke87@ Seach though out Noordlake Forest, it is not that big. Keep your eyes glued to the screen, edges. Some paths are hard to see and well hidden by trees.
ive checked and rechecked every part of the cavern for the grayball after i smashed every rock and have turned up empty is there something i overlooked? i step on the smashed rock locations to make sure too Huh
You have probably missed a map or overlooked it.
(30th June 2012 at 08:40:14 pm)Goud Wrote: [ -> ]You have probably missed a map or overlooked it.
people are saying i must have missed a map but i cant find any i havent been too yet, i may have overlooked it but i check the smashed rock locations to make sure i didnt miss it....Undecided
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